Dr. Arthur Seldon CBE 1916 - 2005

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August 2014

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June 2009

The first-ever biography of Arthur Seldon, the first editorial director of the Institute of Economic Affairs and an intellectual architect of the Thatcher revolution, is being published by Profile Books on 2nd July 2009.


Arthur Seldon:
A Life for Liberty
By Colin Robinson
Foreword by Patrick Minford
Publication date: 2 July 2009
ISBN: 978 1 84668 249 0  £20.00 hardback

This biography traces the roots of his work from his childhood in the Jewish East End of London, where self-help and voluntary aid for the disadvantaged were the norm; through his studies at the London School of Economics, where he was influenced by some of the leading economists of the 1930s; to his decades at the IEA, where he worked in partnership with Ralph Harris and changed, with Harris, the perception and influence of classical liberal economics to an almost unimaginable degree.

Written by Colin Robinson, a recent editorial director of the IEA, and drawing extensively on the recollections of his colleagues, family and inner circle, this important book conveys both the power of Seldon’s intellect and the force of his character. It establishes him firmly as a major architect of Thatcher’s economic revolution, and as a shaping hand behind today’s political landscape.

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April 2007

Shane Greer from the 18 Doughty Street website interviews Professor Colin Robinson from the IEA. They talk about the subject of the newly released, condensed version of Arthur's book, Capitalism. Click here to view the video

Sadly 18 Doughty Street is no longer operating and the video clip is now no longer available. 08/14

August 2006

Article from the Journal of Liberal History

Dr. John Meadowcroft and Dr. Jaime Reynolds examine the role of Arthur and the Liberal antecedents of the Institute of Economic Affairs on the Liberal Party.


July 2006

Listen to an audio clip from the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Last Word'

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February 2006

Audio of speeches from the Memorial Service.

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